We’ve Finally Gone and Done It

Yup, we’ve started a blog. We’re not exactly sure why but here are some possible reasons:
1) to spill all of our dirty secrets out to the public at large (naw…)
2) to communicate with friends and family who live far away
3) as a personal vehicle of self-expression
4) to have yet another excuse to play with our digital camera
5) to give us a distraction at work that could plausibly LOOK like work (“Well, he is busy at his computer….it must be legitimate.”)

As you know, we’ve recently packed our bags….and our car…and our 5 bikes….and various and assorted boxes of books and art supplies….and hauled it across the country to Portland, Oregon. At some points we’ve wondered if we’ve completely lost our minds to move to a strange land and leave behind our lovely little house in Indiana and our office mates and church community and family and dearest friends.

On the other hand, it’s been a fabulous adventure so far. We LOVE the Pacific Northwest! Within easy walking distance we have coffeeshops, art galleries, a grocery store and hardware, several fine restaurants, two parks and the entry to a rails-to-trails bike path. Not too far away is the Willamette River and we are just upstream from downtown Portland. Mt. Hood keeps watch over the city and on clear days what is left of Mt. Saint Helens is visible too. The Columbia River Gorge is just up the road, and the Pacific coast is only a couple of hours away. We have SOOO much exploring to do! I must be off. -deb

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