Little Tidbits of News

We both have jobs and our house is “sold”….

Last week I accepted a full-time learning specialist (that’s what they call special ed. teachers for kids with learning disabilities out here) position at Waluga Junior High in Lake Oswego. It was sort of a tough decision to make. I had a couple of more offers and opportunities to interview other places. It seems special ed. teachers are in just as much (or more) hot demand here as they are in Indiana. Anyway, I really like the principals and the director of special education that I interviewed with and I started to get excited about the opportunities that this school will afford me. After that, none of the other schools really had a chance. I’ll work with 7th and 8th graders who have difficulties primarily in reading and writing. The other learning specialist is also new to this school. I met her last week. Her name is Stacey and we hit it off right away. We have two HUGE rooms and we got to decide how we want them set up.

I hate it when my idealism and my reality have to collide. Ideally, I would teach in some very poor urban school with a great deal of ethnic and cultural diversity. However, I happen to want to work for a school system that really WORKS. One where I will be encouraged and supported in my job. One where I will be expected to strive for excellence. One where I won’t have to count every single piece of paper that I use. These two situations rarely occur simultaneously–especially since schools are funded in a large part through property taxes. So….once again I sacrifice my ideals on the alter of realism. I’m hoping Waluga will sort of bridge these two desires. It is a wealthier school district that has a great reputation for excellence. My particular junior high is in a less prosperous area and includes several apartment complexes that look less than wealthy. I’m hoping that the number of Asian restaurants that I saw in the community means that there is beginning to be more ethnic diversity too.

Meanwhile, Nate seems to be settling into his job at Ankrom Moisan. At first he was a little frustrated by having to change CAD software. It really slowed him down for a while. He seems to be enjoying his coworkers though. He’s glad to be back working with Michael Bonn who he worked with previously in Indiana. The highlight of Nate’s day is when the “Pony Espresso” wagon stops by–a breaktruck that serves coffee drinks–what a Northwestern concept!!! Maybe Nate will add some more stuff about his job in here at some point.

We got a good offer on our house in Indiana last week. It was close to our asking price (and we were asking more than we actually expected to get. It does sound like we will have to pay to have some minor repairs done. We’re just glad that it looks like it will close early in August and then we can start looking for a house to buy out here. If you need a real estate agent in Mishawaka, I would recommend Mary Jo Shively. She has been great with handling everything for us long distance.

Well, I should go finish cleaning up the kitchen and then run some errands (I hear the bike shop calling my name đŸ™‚ –deb


2 responses to “Little Tidbits of News

  1. so much good news! can i make your blog public yet?


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