..out of the frying pan…

so, we move to the northwest… land of eternal rain….. riiigghttt..
this is the second day of 100+ degree weather….. but the humidity stays a lot lower than it does in indiana.. at the hottest point today(102) around 6 oclock, the humidity was at 16% ….. which in nicer than the 80%+ we’re used to .. so instead of feeling like you’re in a steam bath, it feels like someone left the oven door open..all day long………. it’s also a little different that the hottest time of day is not noon-ish, but rather at 5 or 6 oclock…. i guess the valley we’re in causes the heat to build up until we all spontaneously erupt in a firey death…. or something
anyway, at around 6 we happened to be at the oregon zoo amphitheater (which is greek for “bowl of heat” ) …. someone at work had no use for their concert tickets to see John Hiatt and Lucinda Williams … we would have paid good money to see either of them by themselves, but instead we got to see them both for free….. yee haw…. and as a bonus, chuck prophet did a short opening segment…. we had a good time and i think the elephants that we’re about 50 feet behind us enjoyed it to…. they didn’t allow us to take pictures (the zoo people, not the elephants), but i remember the everning as looking something like this ..



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