…’nother day in paradise…

well today turned out to be just as hot as the previous 2 and in an apartment without air conditioning, sleeping conditions are best described as miserable….
so, with a less than stellar night of sleep, our plan to get up and hit the road for an early morning ride was delayed for a while….
we got to our jumping off point at the light rail park ‘n ride in NE portland at around 8 am, while it was still reasonably “cool”…
we had a nice ride on a route suggested by a co-worker… the first few miles were on the levee along the mighty columbia river where we had a clear view(actually kinda hazy) of mt. hood…
our route took us in along the sandy river where we got some shade…. and after some light climbing we ended up at vista house/crown point where you get a great view of the columbia gorge…… a few miles further would have taken us down to the famous multnomah falls, but that would have meant a killer climb to get back up and we didn’t have it in us today….. we got back home before the worst heat of the day hit…. it was a really nice 40mile round trip, which i’m sure we’ll be riding more in the future …..
to escape the rising heat in our apartment, we scooted off to the theater and saw the bourne supremacy…. which was ok for a typical hollywood flick….
tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy and cooler…. yes, i’m actually looking forward to a cloudy day…..



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