Saturday at the DMV, Sunday in the Park

We spent this weekend making ourselves “real” Oregonians. Most of Saturday morning was spent at the DMV getting Oregon driver’s licenses and getting our car registered here. Portland requires that all vehicles pass an emissions test. Fortunately our car passed with flying colors so we didn’t have to spend additional time and money to get a tune-up and all that jazz.

Sunday afternoon we went to “Sundae in the Park”–a community celebration where an ice cream cone only costs 25 cents (sundaes are more expensive–35). We also have started to look for houses. We found one that may actually be a good possibility (stay tuned for further details) so we spent the rest of the day calling realtors and mortgage brokers and filling out a mortgage application. We are learning in this tight real estate market that things move very quickly! Hopefully, we can keep up! We would love to be in a new old house of our own.


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