A tiny update

We did put an offer on a house this week. Just to show you how hot the real estate market is in the part of town we would ideally like to live in—we offered more than $20,000 OVER the asking price and we got outbid. We were just a little disappointed but not surprised. We knew the house was underpriced but it needed a lot of work… so we didn’t want to bid so much that we wouldn’t have any money left over to fix it up.

The good thing about that house was that it made us get in gear and get pre-approved for a mortgage and get a realtor. So now we’re in good hands to continue the house search. It may take a little while though. We would really like to stay close-in enough for Nate to continue to bicycle to work. This eliminates the need to buy a second car. We also want a house with enough space for our hobbies and for a guest room so all of our friends and fam can feel welcome to our home.

Our house in Mishawaka is scheduled to close on Monday. Our realtor, Mary Jo Shively, has been just excellent working with us long distance. I recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell a house in St. Joe county.



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