“So, why did you move to Portland?”

It seems like we answer this question at least 2 or 3 times a week and we’re still trying to come up with a concise and accurate answer. There are so many little reasons and no one big overarching reason. Here are a few:

1. Mountains. Ever since I did my student-teaching in Quito, Ecuador, I’ve had a hankering to live where I could see mountains.
2. Food. Thursday night–gourmet pizza–sausage, feta and roasted garlic. Friday night–El Salvadorean food–horchata (cinnamon drink) and other choice yummies with lots of rice and beans. Saturday morning–egg scrambles at Genies where they include wine recommendations with each breakfast food item :). And then there are the grocery stores and farmer’s markets. We’re in foodie heaven.
3. Cycling. 30 miles on Saturday on the Springwater Corridor–rails-to-trails right near our house. Nate can commute to work relatively safely on bicycle most days of the week. There’s a real cycling culture.
4. Appreciation of the environment. Went to a remodeler’s showcase/home and garden type of show this weekend and found even more places where we can by recycled or environmentally-friendly building supplies for when we start remodeling our house next week.
5. Jobs. Nate’s happier here. He gets to work with his friend Michael and a couple of other cool guys.
6. More laid-back pace of living. Oregonians just don’t seem to be in quite a much of a rush as we are. We’re trying to learn to slow down and enjoy the scenery more.
7. Opportunities to hear good music and appreciate the arts.
8. A place where our votes would count towards funding education and protecting the environment.
9. Last, but definitely not least, COFFEE. See the attached picture. Portland allows us to be unabashed coffee snobs.

And then there’s the vague answers “because we felt like it was good timing/God’s will (if we presume we know what that is)”, “because we needed an adventure/a change”, “because if we lived in Indiana any longer we’d have to be lulled into complete complacency.”

That’s what I’ve been thinking about.

p.s. we think we sort of like this Imago Dei church–it’s pretty mainline evangelical but they seem to be really open to people who are seeking Christ no matter their background and they are heavily involved in music and the arts as a way to worship which resonates with me


One response to ““So, why did you move to Portland?”

  1. Thanks for sharing the reasons for your move. I get asked the same question all the time, too. Now I have a few more answers if anyone is interested.

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