Home Sweet Home

We signed all the paperwork for our mortgage today. Once the paperwork all clears through, we should get our new house keys on Thursday. Yay!


3 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Congratulations you guys! Can’t wait to see the house–in a few years. (-:

    Love hearing about how cool Portland is. Just keep tempting us. . .


  2. Oh…no problem. We’ll keep tempting you frequently because I think you and Rod would love it here. If you venture to the west coast next year, please come visit. We’ll stock the guest room with gourmet chocolates and a bottle of hooch hidden in a Taylor hymnal just for Rod 🙂 -d

  3. Congratulations ya’ll! You are further inspiration to my and Jeff’s dreams of becoming home owners in the NW. Enjoy your home!


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