31 rose bushes, 6 layers of wallpaper……

and the wallpaper, lacking any pointy deathe spikes, is more painful than the roses…..

this weekend we spent a few hours carving through the layers of wallpaper in our dining room …. an archaeological event…. after passing through the 80’s- tiny dusty rose flower on white background and 70’s avacado and harverst gold stripe, followed by four more of indeterminate origin, we arrived at the base layer of grey paint on plaster… which makes sense since they didn’t have color back when the house was built in 1925….

good news on the hardwood floors… i cut into the upper crust of the carpet and peeled it back to reveal the oak below… they appear to be in rather nice shape… a nice nutty brown color and a well preserved finish… refinishing is not likely… based on the 2 sq. ft. that i saw…

oh, and the volcano up the road is restless….



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