I’m too tired to think of anything even mildly clever

We haven’t been ignoring our responsibility as bloggers…..but there hasn’t seemed to be much to write about. Our days consist of getting up, going to work, coming home, changing into work clothes, working on our house, and then falling exhausted into bed. We could just write that last sentence over and over and that would pretty much describe the last two weeks. We are making progress though and hope to move at the end of the month. We’ll try to post some photos later this week of what we’ve done to the house.

The one cool thing we’ve managed to sneak in is a couple of visits to Portland Open Studios. We bought a couple of pieces of art to add to our fledgling collection. I can’t wait to have room for a studio of my own again, and I’m inspired to take some more art classes. What shall I do first? Bookbinding? Print making? Oil painting? Encaustic? Something fun to think about while I meticulously cut in yet another wall to be painted.



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