What kind of furniture would Jesus buy?

Hmmm….I was going to paste in some new pictures of our humble abode but I can’t seem to find the cord that connects the camera to the computer anywhere. We’ve been in our house for a little over two weeks now. It’s been a relatively quiet time. I think we were both burned out by the frantic pace of the previous month of working on the house every spare minute. It’s by no means finished, but the frantic pace of let’s-get-as-much-done-as-possible-before-we-move is gone.

Frankly we’ve done a lot of sitting on our couch and reading in the evenings in our deep red dining room that is doubling for a living room right now. We’ve also watched some t.v. and some movies but since our t.v. is in the basement and our couch is in the living room…. Well, it sort of takes away some of the appeal of watching t.v. when you can’t do it snuggled up to your lover/best friend/husband. We did juryrig an air mattress for viewing comfort. We have visions of a chilled out Lounge in our ’70s basement but that will have to wait awhile.

Right now the kitchen, dining room and bathroom are liveable on the first floor. The living room and bedroom are major messes–half stripped of wallpaper when we ran out of steam (literally and figuratively). Upstairs we painted out the paneling in the “studio” and it’s sort of set up–enough to use the computer anyway. We are using the spare bedroom to sleep in right now. Our boxspring didn’t fit up the stairs so we are sleeping on the mattress on the floor. Oh the fun of moving…

This all leads to my current ethical dilemma. We need furniture. I am trying to live out my faith and convictions through the way I spend money (and fail frequently to live up to my ideals). How do you find furniture that matches your ethical beliefs? In my ideal world I would buy high-quality, beautiful furniture lovingly crafted by local fairly-paid artisans out of sustainably-harvested wood. In reality, I probably can best afford mass-produced, off-gassing synthetic substitutes sold at cut-rate prices by underpaid men and women. Suggestions anyone?

P.S. I am aware of the stupidity of the title of this post.


One response to “What kind of furniture would Jesus buy?

  1. No suggestions from me; I’m just writing to say that I’m glad you had the time & energy to blog again.
    Take care,

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