More House Photos from Deb

We finally found the cord to hook the camera up to the computer so we can inflict more pictures of our house on you. The dining room is one of the few rooms that is livable right now. We still need to finish up a little trim paint and replace the quarter-round that they had torn up when they put carpet in here. The floors are in great shape though and the red, red walls make it a warm, cheery place to be on rainy Portland days. This is south window so some days it makes a great place to take a catnap. The sofa will probably go in the living room once the living room is rescued from it’s hideous state, but I’d like to still have some sort of love seat or easy chair in this window. Posted by Hello


2 responses to “More House Photos from Deb

  1. i so love your house pictures! the difference is that you actually live in your house, and are making really cool changes. đŸ˜‰

    has anyone claimed zeke yet, or do you get him soon??

    happy thanksgiving, my oldest friend!

  2. The dog shelter has to give 7 business days for the people who lost the dog to come claim it. Then, if no one has, they’ll call us and we get first dibs on Zeke. That should be sometime next week. Yay!

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