Loose Ends

1. Happy Birthday to my baby sister, Kris Freed who is one hot mama!
2. I married a zen master of packing. Last week he managed to fit an entire full-size bedframe including head and foot boards in the Jetta.
3. My doggy is the best! I’m already sorry that we’re going to have to leave her for the week.
4. We’re off to Indiana. Hopefully to spend time with those of you who read this blog. (Who is that anyway?)

One response to “Loose Ends

  1. For sure it was good to spend an evening with you. I’d say something about my gratitude for your bringing the beauty and life of the Northwest to us in HoosierHell, but it sounds corny, and I actually appreciate various aspects of life in Indiana (so long as I’m not asked to actually _name_ any). Anyway, warm wishes to you on New Year’s Eve and I’m looking forward to visiting you next year.

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