Keep Portland Weird

1. There seem to be an inordinate amount of homeless people in Portland. I hear it’s because the weather is milder and Portlanders are generous. Although there are missions and shelters available, many seem to prefer sleeping under the bridges. Last night I was walking Keegan in Woodstock and an inebriated man followed us down the street muttering “I sure wish I had me a pretty lady and a dog”. He wasn’t overly scary, and he wasn’t very fast so we quickly outwalked him. I’m always torn between compassion and disgust.

2. Nate has invented a puppy Stairmaster. When we’re too tired to take Keegan for a run, he stands at the top of the stairs and tosses her ball down. She runs down, retrieves, runs back up, gives him the ball and waits for him to throw it again. She’ll pant and pant but has never been ready to quit when he is….we think she could play fetch perpetually. Friday Nate played Stairmaster for at least half an hour before he got tired. Keegan’s sides were heaving and she panted for at least 15 minutes afterwards but she would’ve gladly kept playing.

3. Our UPS packages came from Indiana containing all the Christmas gifts that we couldn’t jam into our suitcases. It was sort of like having Christmas all over again! Most of our gifts survived the trip intact except for one of the glass coasters that Nate’s nieces and nephews had made. Now we no longer have a complete set 😦

4. We’re working more on our house this weekend. Maybe we’ll post some pictures later this week.

5. We saw “I heart Huckabees” last night with our friend Amy G. We were unimpressed. It’s encouraging to see Hollywood try to answer existential questions–“what really matters anyway?” But this movie took those questions and then beat the viewers over the head with them. That’s just my opinion. Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood.

6. We’re assembling some furniture about ourselves to fill up our house. A used bed frame from a co-worker, an old chest of drawers purchased at a garage sale for a song, and then Saturday we ordered some new bedroom furniture (hmmm…I think we said we were going to do this 9 years ago when we got married) for our soon-to-be-completed master bedroom.

Off to work on the house some more,


One response to “Keep Portland Weird

  1. Hmmm… I wonder if the women in my neighborhood think the same things when I walk behind them muttering “I sure wish I had me a pretty lady and a dog.” I always figured it was a unique pick-up line. Maybe too unique…

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