Schizophrenic Weather

Last weekend: so icey that we couldn’t go anywhere for almost 48 hours. The ski club bus from school was cancelled because it wasn’t safe to drive to the ski slopes.

This weekend: 50s and 60s…we worked outside this afternoon for a while pruning back dead stuff in our mystery flowerbeds. Bulbs are coming up and we should have daffodils pretty soon, I think. The ski club bus from school was cancelled because all the snow has melted off the ski slopes.

Today was a leisurely day. We slept in and went out for brunch and went to Environmental Building Supply to buy some more stuff for our house. We’re almost done with the bedroom plastering project. We’ll write about that and put up some pictures when we get it done. The end results should be great (cross your fingers).

This evening Randy called and asked if we could host home community at our house Sunday night since his daughters are sick. We agreed to even though it’s going to be a little crazy 🙂 We’ll probably have to meet in our living room which currently has bare gray plaster walls with significant holes in it. We don’t have any furniture in the living room right now. We’re hoping to purchase some new/used sofas and chairs eventually, so we’re going to have to move the good sofa and coffee table that are currently in the dining room to the living room. We’ll also drag up our nasty furniture that is in the dog pit in the basement. Some of Nate’s family members may remember “Big Green” as they’ve helped move this chair numerous times. Anyway, we’ll cobble together some sort of place to meet and converse and share and it will all work out ok although it might look pretty tacky 🙂

Nate is off with Keegan at the dog park. There’s a large fenced-in off-leash park about 10 minutes south of here. We still don’t trust her off-leash in the dog parks that aren’t fenced in because she is so obsessed with squirrels. She can spot a squirrel 500 feet away and will be off like a speeding bullet before we can even realize what’s up. She has no regard for anything but the squirrel and is oblivious to yells, whistles, and on-coming traffic. Oh dear.

Well, I must go clean and do laundry and move furniture. We bought a used electric dryer today. Yay! No more trips to the laundrymat!

Peace and sunshine to all,



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