More House Pix

Our lovely red dining room. Hey, mom, look how great that Ten Thousand Villages table runner you gave me for Christmas looks in here! Oh, and you can see part of the former meth house across the street through the window (it’s currently vacant and for sale….meth house anyone?). Posted by Hello


3 responses to “More House Pix

  1. Wow, Deb, the room looks splendid. I can’t remember whether you guys did the floors, or were they done before you moved in?
    Can’t wait to visit sometime… hopefully this summer.

  2. The floors were covered with carpet when we moved in. We have not refinished them because they’re in pretty decent shape. Thanks for the compliment! –deb

  3. Deb,

    I will no longer be reading your blog because the pictures of your ultra-cool home cause me to commit the sin of envy. Beautiful walls, beautiful floors, beautiful table runner.


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