Reason 1 to get a dog…

…unconditional love and affection. Even if you’ve penned her in a crate all day, Keegan’s always glad to see us and wants to cuddle and play.


2 responses to “Reason 1 to get a dog…

  1. Two words as rebuttle: Dog slobber.

    I want a dog that cuddles but doesn’t slobber.

    Is that too much to ask?

    It’s snowing here again. I don’t mind, since winter will be over in a few weeks. But I bet Sheldon is hating it! (-:

  2. I use to come home from my walks in the nearby park wanting a baby and a dog. I assumed i’d end up with the dog first…but it looks like the kid wins.

    I do like the unconditional love part. very appealing.

    see y’all in a couple of weeks!!!

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