Uninspired but happy

I’ve felt so uninspired to write lately. That’s not exactly true. Today I thought about writing a post entitled “Weather” but what a stupid and inane topic! Compared to the brilliant and wickedly funny bloggers I read like dooce and nathalie, I have nothing to say.

But I will persist in my folly and talk about the weather. It’s gorgeous here!!!! I was worried that moving to Oregon would only increase my winter blues with all the rainy, grey days that people spoke of. But this has been my best February as an adult that I can remember. Although my job sucks and my house is still a construction zone, I have managed to skip my regular February dates with depression. Yay! It’s been so sunny and warm. Today I went jogging in shorts!!!!! (more exclamation points please) Apparently, this is all a strange fluke and people are actually worried that we’re in a drought, but I can’t summon up much concern at this point. I’m just elated to see sunshine in my 5:00-6:00 p.m. window of daylight each day!



3 responses to “Uninspired but happy

  1. Ouch! Why you gotta be so mean? We have some sunshine, but no warmth. Although we had one day last week that was beautiful and I went running, but not in shorts, and nearly collapsed from heat stroke. But it was so worth it. Sorry the job sucks. Hang in there. (And thanks for calling me funny. You rock. I think you are fascinating and funny. Plus you pictures. Pictures!)

  2. This is why I shouldn’t leave comments first thing in the morning. You are not a picture. You HAVE pictures.

  3. I love your blog. Glad you take the time to do it.

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