It’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon…

Hello to those faithful few who check our blog,

We haven’t taken the time to blog recently….probably because the weather was dazzlingly beautiful for three weeks straight. We were spending every spare moment enjoying the sunshine and the 70 degree weather. It felt like Costa Rica around here–warm, dry, the slight taste of dust in your mouth. Today, the weather returned to it’s normally-scheduled programming and it is rainy and in the 40s or 50s.

Highlights from the last couple of weeks:

Cris and Jeff (and the yet-unborn “Peanut”) came to visit from Seattle. It was so nice to see them and have some great conversations about topics as wide ranging as Lebanon, foreign films, post-modern thought, architecture and good books.

–We met up with our friends, Mark and Marlene, from Indiana at Michael & Debra’s house one night. It felt like “old home” week. Although we love our new community and the relationships we’re developing around us, it is always nice to feel more known and to be with those who share your past experiences. It made us miss our other friends from Belmont just a little bit.

–Last week, we were walking Keegan on Woodstock and she was attacked by a pitbull-mix that escaped it’s leash. Fortunately, Nate had the presence of mind to kick the dog away and Keegan is pretty good at defending herself too. She let the dog have it although the other dog outweighed her. Finally the pit’s owner was able to pull it away. Keegan has a scar on her velvety-soft ears to prove that she’s not just a pretty girl. We hope it heals over but it doesn’t look like the hair will grow back on the scar.

–Spring break starts this weekend. We’re going to Seattle on Saturday and Sunday to go to IKEA and get some storage units for the office/studio. We’re going to visit the afore-mentioned Jeff & Cris.


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