Spring Break in Portland

Yup, I went to Portland for spring break this year. Not someplace exotic and romantic like Cabo or Fiji or Costa Rica. Portland, Oregon–which has returned to it’s seasonal norm of rainy, soggy days with few sun breaks. So much for getting a tan over spring break.

Here’s what I did:

Friday: Helped my friends Stacey and Amy put together a plant sale–basically a garage sale made up of perennials that are overtaking our gardens. I potted up about 40 plants–columbine, foxglove/digitalis, English mums, hens and chicks, etc. They sold over half the plants even though Saturday was cold and rainy and not a whole lot of people were out and about.

Saturday: Nate and I drove up to Seattle. We went to IKEA in Renton. I have to say that I prefer the Chicago IKEA. This one is all on one level and is visually overwhelming. We needed shelving but ended up with a bunch of other small stuff and no shelving. Bummer. Then we met up with our friends, Jeff & Cris, for dinner and a movie. We saw “Millions” which was worth the cost of admission as a tale of a wide-eyed innocent trying to do what is right in this world.

Sunday: We had a lovely breakfast with Cris & Jeff. I think they may have gotten us hooked on drinking tea to vary our coffee habit. Some excellent Moroccan mint! We went down to Pike’s Place Market and wandered about. We had lunch overlooking Elliott Bay before heading back to Portland. Keegan faked like she was glad to see us when we picked her up at the “Airpet Hotel” but we know she was have the time of her life playing with all the other dogs while we were gone. They group the dogs into three different play groups by size. Each group is separate by a 4 foot wire fence. Apparently, Keegan has no problem scaling a 4 foot fence and so she was a social butterfly hopping back and forth between all the play groups.

Monday: I went to school and worked. Paperwork is the necessary evil of special education.

Tuesday: I met up with my friend Debra and we went out for high tea and to visit several nurseries in Southwest Portland. We didn’t buy many plants but we had a good time. We don’t get to hang out as much as we did when she lived in Indiana–two kids will do that to you.

Wednesday: I slept in and worked around the house all day. It’s nice to be lazy once in a while.

Thursday: Shopping trip with Stacey. We both stink at shopping. Best stick to gardening and teaching.

Friday: Met up with Nate for lunch–a beautiful French omelet (not Nate, my lunch). Then I went downtown and wandered about. I spent an hour or two at the Classical Chinese Garden (see photos below) .

I feel the need to document what I do on Spring Break. After break students and teachers ask, “So what did you do for Spring Break?” And I hate saying “Nothing”. Maybe if I write down all the stuff I did, I can come up with a better answer. Of course, few of them probably have the patience to listen to me ramble on like you, my patient blogreader.



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