Happy Day

Oh wise and bearded one,

Happy birthday a day late. I love you even though I haven’t mastered the art of being The Perfect Wife. Sorry that you didn’t get a birthday present. I still love you. I just don’t know what tools to buy you to set you up for your next hobby of building wooden canoes. I do promise that when you build the aforementioned canoe, I will sit quietly in the back and paddle and try not to be too annoying with my ineptitude at steering.

All my love,



2 responses to “Happy Day

  1. HA! Nate, if you believe she’ll “sit quietly in the back and paddle” then I’ve a bridge to sell you.

    Happy birthday and congrats on still loving each other after something like a gazillion years together.


  2. She’s trying to put one over on you- the Boy Scouts teach that the one in the back gets to give the orders. Ask her to sit in the front, Nate.

    An old boy scout.

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