Teacher appreciation week stunk! I worked several looong days (one 13-hour one). I had two disgruntled parents, five kids (give or take) in crisis on any given day and paperwork up the wazoo. Then the federal government in all of it’s infinite wisdom continues down the path of folly with the assanine No Child Left Behind law which is clearly Orwellian speak for “If your kid doesn’t fit into our box we will make school so awful for them that they will want to drop out; therefore, their low test scores will not count and our schools will look better.” I recieved a lovely letter saying that, despite the fact that I have a master’s degree in special education and 7 years of teaching experience, I am not considered a Highly-Qualified Teacher and will likely have to go back to school to get licensed in English and Math so that I can teach kids those subjects. Sometimes public education sucks! Especially around the middle of May.

There. I feel somewhat better. Thanks for listening.



One response to “Venting

  1. That totally sucks. Screw what the government says, I know you are beyond highly qualified. Perhaps you should can the teaching career and become a full-time jewelry maker.


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