One week left…

…of school! This year has been a huge challenge to me as a teacher. And I am ready for it to be over. There is wisdom in maintaining the summer vacation even though we no longer have an agrarian economy. The wisdom involves keeping teachers in the profession. No, not because we all want a two month vacation, but because without it we would burn out even more quickly.

I am finishing up my 7th year of teaching. I thought I would have mastered the profession by now. Hah! The average length a teacher stays in special education is 7 years. I’m aiming for 10. Maybe. Right now I’m aiming for 5 more days without acting out my homocidal fantasies.

Here’s a question for the two people who suffer to read my blog: What should I do next? If I want to switch careers in the next 3 years I need to start plotting and/or taking classes. Any suggestions?


p.s. Shout out to Andrew who is, I am quite sure, checking this blog because he is bored out of him mind as he recuperates from major surgery. Take care of yourself, my friend!


3 responses to “One week left…

  1. Yoga instructor. Definately yoga instructor.

  2. I think it’s so funny that you know that I’m bored, and indeed you are right. It’s the worst problem of the last couple days. (I guess this is a sign of how good things are going).

    So, as for your question, there are two main options as far as I am aware of: law school or doctorate of education. Of those two, I’m leaning toward the second for you, but I’d have to spend some time with you to make up my mind. (-:

  3. i’m with nathalie and andrew both. probably leaning more towards law, though – maybe child advocacy or human rights?

    or you and nate could open an outdoor travel company.


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