Playing Portland Tour Guide

My family has been in town for the last week. Since Nate is using up his summer vacation for our rapidly-approaching Grand Canyon trip, I got to be the Amish van driver/tour guide. We went to the coast–Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock, we hiked in the Gorge, and we hung out in Portland quite a bit.

You know how your family can just annoy you in more excruciating ways than anyone else in the world? Well, fortunately, this week with my family was an exception to the rule. They were model house guests–they cooked, cleaned, washed the dishes and played innumerable games of fetch with the dog. Of course having a perky redhead in the family helps keep everyone entertained too (not you, Nate! I’m talking about our niece).

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2 responses to “Playing Portland Tour Guide

  1. I was there one time! And there was a rumour going around about a young newlywedded couple who had been visiting that very spot and the husband was taking a picture of his wife in front of the ocean when a wave swept in and carried her away. I think perhaps it was not so much true.

  2. Though probably many a husband looks back and wishes it were so…
    Deb & Nate, aren’t you about a week out from your grand summer trip?

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