Currently on Rotation (Deb)

Sufjan Steven’s Michigan –Tons of people I know liked this cd and it’s slowly growing on me.
Madeleine Peyroux Careless Love –Beautiful melodic jazz sound that could have been made any time in the last century.
Black-Eyed Peas Monkey Business –Fun summer time music to get up and dance to (or clean the house). No literary masterpiece but loads of sexy fun.

Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon –Bought this book when we were in the GC–it is well-written and fascinating to read about those who died or almost died in the canyon
Queen of the South –I usually have a softspot for hispanic authors but this one hasn’t grabbed me yet–I’m only 2 chapters in so I’ll give it another 50 pages. About the life of a woman escaping the narcomafia of Mexico.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close –Thanks to my friend, Sarah, who loaned this book to me. I loved it. A boy tries to understand the tragedy of his father’s death in the World Trade Center. Multi-layered story and a very engaging style. The best story I’ve read so far this summer.


2 responses to “Currently on Rotation (Deb)

  1. What perfect CDs! I haven’t listened to much Sufjan, but I did randomly go to one of his concerts last year and really enjoyed. High praise considering I had never even heard his music before.

    We’ve been meaning to pick up Madeleine Peyroux’ CD for a while. She is breathtaking.

    Black-eyed Peas–some of the best running music around.

    Good selections. Very good selections.

  2. Silly girls. Neither of you mentioned Indigo Girls or Cowboy Junkies, and thus your lists remain woefully lacking…

    PS: Don’t tell Margo or Amy or Emily, but I’m enjoying an evening with Nora as I type…

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