Son of a Plumber

Giving credit where credit is due:
Last weekend our toilet and shower drains both clogged up. The wise and bearded one proceeded to try all sorts of medieval cures on the stubborn pipes. He finally called a plumber to come but the plumber couldn’t come for another 24 hours. Meanwhile, we only have 1, yes 1, toilet in the house and the situation was becoming increasingly bleak. Those of you who have hiked with me will now that I do ANYTHING to avoid “peeing in the wilderness”, and it’s 4 blocks to the nearest public restroom. So Nate kept working away at those nasty drains–stubborness just wouldn’t let him give up. Plus he IS the son of a plumber and that’s got to be good for something. Eventually he was able to get the toilet functional so he called and cancelled the plumber. Then he proceeded to replace part of the old pipes from the shower drain with brand-new PVC. The drain now functions as a mighty whirlpool.
I knew I married him for more than just his looks 🙂


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