We’ve been without internet access for the last couple of weeks and there is no end in sight. At first we thought the modem was shot but we got a new one and there’s still no ‘net. So it looks like we may be replacing our whole computer. In the meantime, I feel remarkably cut off from the world.

Here’s a quick update:

We had to return the beautiful and sweet River to the Wiemaraner rescue group because she needed rescuing from Keegan. We didn’t know that Keeg would be so territorial. Several hundred dollars in vet bills later, we know.

Nate’s Grandma Miller passed away unexpectedly 2 weeks ago and so he did a very quick trip to Mennoland to show his respects and attend the funeral. Maybe he’ll write more about that sometime. His Miller family has some weird issues so family gatherings are always interesting and prone to be traumatic/dramatic.

This weekend Nate is hiking in the Wallawas with his friend Justin. I am holding down the fort doing innumerable loads of laundry and playing catch with the dog. I am trying to treasure these last few days of summer, but I’m uninspired to working on the art and garden projects that I’ve saved up for myself.

I think I’m actually ready for school to start up again. I’ve already attended a 3-day inservice on the new IDEA ’04 changes in special education law. I also took a 3-day writing class that was full of fabulous ideas that I can’t wait to try with my students. It’s amazing how much my perspective can change from June to September. In June, I always wonder whether this is the year I should leave the profession 🙂

Well, I’m using the internet at Stacey’s house while she’s in Alaska for the weekend. I’m watering her plants in exchange for internet access. I need to go home and let the dog out and eat some dinner soon.



One response to “ACK!!!!

  1. Dear Lord! Two and a half weeks with no internet?! I’m not sure I could handle living in such a barren, desolate wilderness.

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