Overheard conversations

Nate: Did you ever think you’d have a dog as stubborn as you are?

Deb: Well, I married you so I must like stubborn creatures.


Deb: Do you think that really we’re just Canadians misplaced in the United States?

Nate: No, we’re not polite enough.


Annoying teenage girl next door wailing very loudly on her cell phone: My life is terrible. My mom is terrible. My summer is terrible. My boyfriend is terrible. I don’t really want to go to the pool tonight with him. My life is terrible. If my mom, doesn’t let me go to the pool tonight with him, I’m going to be so mad at her!

(Parenting an angst-ridden teenage girl must REALLY be terrible.)


4 responses to “Overheard conversations

  1. Now that is funny- Deb, stubborn?

  2. This is why, if we ever decide to procreate, I really, really want a boy.

  3. Sounds like a great reason not to parent at all — boy or girl.

    Speaking of the little buggers, Deb how is your year’s start going?

  4. I think the last one beats “Miss, could I see these yak teeth?” Overheard at The Gold Door. Who would think to sell yak teeth?! Yeck!

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