A “Free Dog” is Not Cheap

The other weekend when we went to Bend (and apparently made my friend Nathalie jealous), Keegan stayed with my co-teacher Stacey. Stacey is the proud owner of a supersized Black Lab that we lovingly call the Baileymonster. Bailey is inordinately fond of and enamored by Keegan so that he attempts repeated humpings of her. Fortunately, although she is significantly smaller than Bailey, she’s faster than him and can usually get away from the unwanted attention.

But just once last weekend, she didn’t get away fast enough and Bailey brought down all of his weight on her poor little toe on the back left side. At first we didn’t think anything about her foot injury–dogs get hurt all the time and are remarkably resilient. But when she was still compulsively licking it a week later we took a better look at it. Her whole toenail/claw was cracked and smashed. So today Nate took her to the vet and they took the toenail off down to the quick so it can heal more cleanly. As we paid yet another unexpected vet bill, we thought about how this was probably just Keegan getting her cosmic payback for her treatment of the gentle River earlier this year.

But I do feel sorry for her. The poor thing looks so pathetic with her blue booty of a bandage on her foot and a big conehead to keep her from licking it. Good thing I’m a special ed. teacher because now I have a dog with an orthopedic impairment AND her learning disability is clearly revealing itself. She can’t figure out how to manuever her giant conehead around the house. She gets stuck on doorways. She can’t go up the stairs because she doesn’t hold her head high enough and the cone catches on the steps. She can’t figure out what’s wrong so she just stares mournfully at me. Looks like I’ll have to write an IEP for her. (ahh, special ed. humor….unfortunately, so few will ever appreciate it)



3 responses to “A “Free Dog” is Not Cheap

  1. Great shot… those mournful eyes say it all.

  2. hee hee! a doggie IEP! that’s great! (i work at a place that does special ed too so i know what that means . . .)

    glad to find another blogging buddy from the “real world”

  3. I let my monster know that he is famous and horny-he was so proud!

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