Back to Home Improvement

Inspired by Chris and Chrissy’s latest home improvements, I decided to tackle the only remaining surfaces on the 1st floor that we have not worked on.

Here’s what it looked like when I started on Saturday afternoon:

This is the little hallway that leads from our living room to our bathroom and bedroom (door at the end of the hallway). Previously, on a wallpaper stripping rampage I had ripped off the top layer or two of wallpaper–it was a vinyl of some type that came off in gigantic swathes once you got hold of a corner. That was the easy part. When stripping wallpaper from all the other rooms on the first floor, we learned the value of a rented steamer for those stubborn papers from the 20s and 30s. Nate had to catch up on some stuff at work so I did most of it myself. It took me about five hours on Saturday afternoon to take off the remaining 2 layers of wallpaper.

Ideally I would have scrubbed the walls down right away while the wallpaper residue was still moist. However, I was too tired to do any more on Saturday.

On Sunday afternoon, between various other committments we managed to pull up the carpet. Before our home community came over Sunday evening, I pulled out most of the staples and the tack strips in the doorways. (Note to self: ALWAYS pull the tack strips in the doorways first! Remember all those holey socks you made for yourself in Mishawaka?) There’s still more work to do, but I think it already looks a lot better. And, fortunately, we didn’t find any nasties under the carpet like Chris and Chrissy did!


2 responses to “Back to Home Improvement

  1. The walls look oddly cool. Is wallpaper paste considered a relative of American Clay Plaster?

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