Why I Hate Daylight Savings Time

Having lived in places without DST (Indiana) and with DST (Oregon), I can officially weigh in on the on-going Miller Family Debate about the merits of daylight savings time. I hate it. Actually, it’s so confusing. I think DST just ended, which would mean that I hate standard time not DST. Oh dear!

Anyway, the only reason I care is that now that time has changed, it is just becoming light when I leave for work in the morning and just becoming dark when I get home at night. Last week, I had an hour after work when it was still daylight and I could take the dog for a long walk. This week it is too dark so our walks are confined to the blocks of Woodstock Avenue that are lit with street lights. This means we now get to interact with more inebriated gentlemen waiting for the city bus.

I need sunshine!


2 responses to “Why I Hate Daylight Savings Time

  1. at least they are gentlemanly . . . or are they?

  2. here here … gosh, DST is retarded. if you elect me class president, i promise to get rid of it. vote for chris.–>

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