I think about this every day

How do people do it? No, not that kind of do it. How do they hold it all together all the time? Work, family, friends, working out, renewing their spirit, laundry, dishes, remembering to put gas in the car?

I seem to be able to only handle about 50% of holding it together at a time. Today I wore a great outfit to school and it was all clean and everything. I even wore a skirt. But to trade off, I forgot to pack a lunch, I was running too late to make breakfast, and I didn’t have my homework finished for my law class tonight.

Yesterday, I had the other 50%–remembered to pack my lunch, ate a nutritious breakfast, managed to take myself and the dog for a walk, was nice to my husband (he says, “when?”) but I forgot to put gel in the back half of my hair so it was sticking straight up, and the fastener on my pants fell off about noon, and I was mean and cranky with my students (I still think they deserved it though).

Here’s to another day of giving it 100% and holding 50% of “it” together. May it be enough.


4 responses to “I think about this every day

  1. Deb – excited to see you and your Portland home! I will call you tomorrow.

  2. Oh, Deb, I know how you feel. Especially the pants fastner part–that happened to me last week. Yesterday at work I saw almost all of my patients, was caught up on my charting by quitting time and had even called a patient’s mother, but then left my palm pilot and credit card sitting in the break room on the table when I left. I’m shocked! by people that want to have children. Do they know that those things have to be fed and clothed? Every day?!

  3. When I first read the post I thought it said “I even wore a shirt.” Which made me think, what the hell is she wearing the other days? Then I re-read it. (-:

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