Oregon Wine Country

Last weekend, our friends Justin and Erica invited us along with Craig and Carin to go with them to some wine tastings. All this time when people talked about “Oregon Wine Country” I was thinking it was several hours drive away. Come to find out it’s just down the road about 45 minutes in the Newburg and Dundee areas.

First we went to Natalie Estate. This was probably our favorite stop because it is tucked back off the road in the middle of a llama farm. Yes, that’s right, a llama farm. Excellent wines to sample as well as this great cheese–Morbier (after we got home we had to go to the cheese shop to find some for our own Thanksgiving pleasure). Next stop was Bella Vida Estate–which is just gorgeous. Then we went across the road to Erath–one of the older wineries in Oregon. We had a guided tour and it was interesting to hear some of the short history of winemaking in Oregon and see the equipment used. Last stop was the Argyle winery in Dundee. By that point, we were sort of “wined out” and I can’t remember being impressed by any of their wines.

It was a crisp, sunny fall day spent with friends and excellent wine. It’s a good life we have here in Oregon! Yes, it is.

P.S. Mo’ Betta pictures here.
P.P.S. Note to self: you do not like Pinot Noir, even if it is what Oregon is famous for. Exception to rule: very expensive and rare Pinot Noir grown by retired winemakers in their own back yard and therefore out of your price range.


2 responses to “Oregon Wine Country

  1. Your pictures are killing me! I’m thinking of abandonining residency, moving to Portland, chaning my identity (to avoid the student loans), and finding some cool coffee shop to work in for the rest of my life.

  2. Glad we got to take you on your first Oregon wine trip – what a perfect day for it!! Note to self: when I make millions in real estate, buy Deb a bottle of the expensive Pinot she loved…and one for me too. 🙂

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