Thanksgiving with Wendy

Our dear friend Wendy came to visit us for Thanksgiving from Nashville, Tennesee. It was so fun to have her visit and show her around our city! Thanksgiving day was a lot of fun. All three of us cooked all morning and made this fabulous dinner. Alton Brown knows what he’s talking about! We brined the bird and even the breast meat was moist and tender. Wendy whipped up a batch of her mom’s stuffing. We made this superb struesseled sweet potato casserole from Cooking Light and rich and yummy mashed potatoes (NOT from Cooking Light but from one of the Cook’s Illustrated cookbooks). We roasted the turkey over some root vegetables and then made a roux base and blended in some of the roasted vegetables and turkey drippings to make a smooth and flavorful gravy. We made a green bean casserole which only served the purpose of having a green vegetable on the table. It wasn’t anything special and probably the least impressive meal of the day. I also made a pumpkin pie that was good but nowhere near as yum as my mom’s. Mostly, the fun was in the cooking and the company.

Friday, Wendy and I tried to go hiking in the Gorge but the weather would not cooperate with us. It was cold and rainy. We did see a few waterfalls but were eager to return to the warmth of the car. Keegan enjoys hiking so we took her along, which may not have been the best idea. It appears that she ate something that did not agree with her and commenced to have a huge “accident” in the car. So we got to ride back to Portland with the windows open and then spend some time and money getting the car detailed–it needed it anyway. Yuck! I guess we gave Wen an introduction to the “darker side” of Portland–cold, wet, and doggy.

We did try to make it up to Wen though by treating her to a trip to Powell’s bookstore and the Saturday Market. And to church and our favorite coffee shop, Crema. Hopefully, she saw enough of the best of Portland to come back and visit again 🙂


2 responses to “Thanksgiving with Wendy

  1. that sounds like a truly lovely thanksgiving – old friends, great food, unpredictable pets! 😉 maybe we can do portland for the holiday next year. we had a good one with our family and your’s, though. your mom’s pie IS good!

  2. Your meal sounds good, even if I don’t like Thanksgiving food, and I’m sure Wendy had fun just being with you. She will surely visit again (though she might bring a gas mask next time!) Poor Keegs!

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