Random thoughts

I keep thinking of things that I should blog about, but they are so random and disconnected. Here are a few:

-I finished my graduate class–Legal Aspects of Special Education. After I finished my final, the instructor who is the director of special education of a neighboring school district gave me one of her cards and told me that she thought I “might want to call her” in the near future. Hmm…Still trying to interpret what that means. But I think she’s hinting that she’d like to hire me which is flattering. Lest Stacey and Amy G. start to freak: No, I am not jumping ship, at least not any time soon.

-The difficulty of Christmas shopping is directly proportional to the distance you live away from the recipient. I’ve always prided myself in buying great Christmas gifts. I’d take mental notes of what my friends and family members were currently interested in, what their favorite colors were, etc. and then I would search to find just a Christmas present that suited that person. Now that I am far away, it is much harder to know what would be the “perfect” gift. I feel like the gifts I’m shipping to the Midwest this week are a little more generic as a result.

-The $5 Christmas tree actually looks pretty good once it is lit up. Yes, Nate, I’ll admit that it turned out all right. I had my doubts there for a moment–it’s a little more Charlie Brown than I would usually go for. The only downside is that it sheds needles really easily. The needles are soft though so it’s not too bad.

-I am tired. Today we went on a field trip to the Lewis & Clark Exhibition here in Portland. This is the traveling Smithsonian exhibit that is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Lewis and Clark reaching the Oregon coast. The exhibition itself was really interesting….unless you are a 12-year-old boy with a 20 second attention span. I didn’t get to enjoy much of the exhibit because I was herding a pack of said 12 year olds. They were like a litter of puppies–poking each other, falling over each other, punching (“We’re just playing, Mrs. Miller.”), and even rolling on the floor at one point. By the end of the day, I couldn’t decide whether to yell at them yet again or just give up, laugh and join them on the floor.

Must go to bed so I can face another day of junior high dementia,



One response to “Random thoughts

  1. So the Lewis and Clark exhibition finally made it to the west coast. Joy and I went to see it a year or so ago when we lived in Pennsylvania and the exhibit was at Valley Forge. I really enjoyed it then. Those guys had an amazing adventure.

    Andy Eversole

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