Almost Perfect Day

Today was an Almost Perfect Day.

The Almost Perfect Day is a game I have played with myself for several years. In Indiana, an Almost Perfect Saturday included a trip to the Farmer’s Market for breakfast and buying fresh plants and produce as well as going across the street to Bamber’s Superette, the only little gourmet mom and pop grocery store in town. Then gardening or working on a house project with an evening trip to Borders to drink coffee and read magazines and browse books.

In Portland, this Almost Perfect Sunday started off with beautiful Christmas carols and hymns at the 9 o’clock meeting of Imago Dei Community followed by coffee and pastries at Crema with friends. Then it was on to Trader Joe’s and Limbo to stock up on fun food for the week. At home we made a leisurely lunch and then napped and watched t.v. I got to be in the middle of the Nathan/Keegan sandwich on the couch so I got to be all cozy and warm. Then, wonder of wonders, it started to sleet and then to snow. This is real snow. Big fluffy flakes. The most snow we’ve seen in Portland.

It’s been snowing for several hours now with no sign of stopping. The leaders cancelled home community tonight (the small group from church that meets at our house) because no one drives when it snows in Portland. I used to make fun of this. Ok. I still make fun of this. But I do have a little more sympathy now. There’s usually a layer of freezing rain under the snow and it’s really not safe to drive in hilly areas on that ice. I’ll attach some pictures so you can see it for yourself.



One response to “Almost Perfect Day

  1. You do have to realize though that this means no double house cleaning on Sunday night…and you have a great excuse to not have to run errands today. Yes, us Native Pacific NW folks are a bit lame when it comes to snow & ice (w/ the exception of my husband who, well, is an even crazier driver when there is snow on the ground…)

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