The Christmas Letter

We’re off to San Diego for a few days to celebrate Christmas and our 10th anniversary. Hopefully we’ll see some sunshine. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from the Christmas letter we snail-mailed to some of our less-computer-literate friends and family members:

“2005 was a remarkably unremarkable year for us, and we’re ok with that. After all the changes of the previous year we were content to make no major changes. We live in the same house with the same dog—Keegan. We go to the same church—Imago Dei Community. Nate has the same job at Ankrom Moissan Associated Architects. Deb is still teaching students with special needs at Waluga Junior High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. We are still married. In fact, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary this month.

We’ve enjoyed beginning to feel at home here in Portland. It was a delight to have some of our family and friends visit us from the Midwest and to be able to show off our new hometown. Our one trip away from Portland to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim in July made us appreciate Portland even more. Although we had a memorable adventure in the depths of the Canyon, we prefer our doug fir trees and misty gorges any day over baking red rocks. We were very happy to arrive back home to our cool, green valley.

We hope this letter finds you at home with those you love and filled with hope as we celebrate the birth of Christ,

Nathan & Deb Miller

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”
–Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol ”

So that’s our wish to you on this Christmas Eve–warmth, love, and hope–for Emmanuel, God is With Us. Merry Christmas!!!


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