We went to San Diego (or Going on Vacation with an Architect)

We went to San Diego for a couple of days of R and R. It was pretty uneventful. Mostly we slept in every morning, ate at a few good restaurants and walked around the city of San Diego trying to figure out where to go next and how to get there on the bus or trolley. It was warmer there (60s and 70s) but overcast some of the time so we didn’t quite get the sun we expected.

Going on vacation with the wise and bearded one can be….interesting. We have far more photos taken of buildings in San Diego than of anything else. These are purported to be for “professional use”. We also have lots of pictures of trees. Oh, and we have pictures of Amish in Tijuana. Yes, that’s right, we road the trolley down to Mexico one day for lunch and who should we see walking the streets but some Amish. I dared Nate to go up to them and say “Ve Gehtz” or whatever it is those Pennsylvania-Dutch-speaking-types say to each other. Instead, he waited until they had passed to take a photo of them and steal their souls. Way to go, Nate!


2 responses to “We went to San Diego (or Going on Vacation with an Architect)

  1. soul stealers!!!

    we were in LA for a few days — 12/28 – 12/29 — we were practically neighbors! i thought i sensed kindred spirits . . .

  2. Amish in Tijuana. Probably seeking medical care. Lately, that’s where they all go to get medical care, convetional and non-conventional. Either way, it costs less.

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