caution…wet paint

so, how do you like the new look?
ye olde template has been decommisioned in favor of this modern facade.
still experimenting, but i think this is close to what we’ll end up with..



7 responses to “caution…wet paint

  1. Hmmm… seems that one photo is vaguely familiar. I demand royalties! 🙂 You gotta love the green northwest!

    love ya!


  2. Love the new look! Did you design it Nate?

  3. I thought I’d taken a wrong turn. It freaked me out a little, but I think I liked it.

    Amy — the local one

  4. yes!.. and i only had to steal a photo from my mom to do it…


  5. i like the crema coffee up in the corner! fabulous!

  6. nice. how did you do it?

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