I know we’ve been quiet. There’s not much to say. Nate has been working a lot as he wraps up one big project and simultaneously starts into a new one. I have been doing ok except for battling an I’m-getting-sick feeling that just won’t go away. I have a sore throat and just feel tired and grouchy. I’ve been working on my upholstery projects. I’ll post some pictures, etc. on beesnest in a few days.

Currently reading:
Confessions of an Economic Hitman
by John Perkins
Nate read it first and encouraged me to read it. The first few pages of the book immediately grabbed my attention as they describe the road from Quite to Shell and the dramatic, tragic changes that have devastated the country of Ecuador and particularly the Amazon river basin through the acts of multinational oil corporations. I have seen this devestation myself and was eager to read more of John Perkin’s story. According to him, as an economist for a major US engineering firm, he helped negotiate loans for “development” that later went on to cripple nations like Ecuador, Panama, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. These countries have become enmeshed with the “corporatocracy” through debt and dependence and therefore are essentially slaves to the bidding of the US government and its corporate counterparts (Halliburton, Bechtel, oil companies, etc.).

I am about 3/4ths of the way through the book. I find it fascinating reading. I studied a lot of Latin American history in college and Perkins connects many of the questions regarding the CIA’s involvement in Latin America to a larger plot for world domination. Much of the text rings true to me because it coincides with other accounts I’ve read or seen with my own eyes. However, Perkin admits to being a liar obsessed with cloak and dagger dreams so I also am reading it with some reservations. For a book with such sweeping accusations, the facts are hard to verify and the footnotes seem a bit slim.

I think Nate was more impressed with the book than I was, so maybe he’ll come out of hiding and add his opinions.

One response to “Update

  1. Deb, the book sounds very interesting. Nathalie mentioned it after reading your blog. He looks like an interesting guy, although he has such small goals – Everywhere I find him on the web his subtitle seems to be “dedicated to changing the world.”
    So what countries/regions have you read about CIA involvement? Which are you most interested in? I wish I had known some of this history when I went to Ecuador to visit Nathalie a year and a half ago so we could have recognized what we were looking at.
    I must mention along these lines a great new movie if you haven’t had a chance to see it: Why We Fight. It’s a documentary about the military-industrial complex and their increasing connection to contractors. A bit of a polemic, but still quite interesting if you have the time.
    I’d love to chat more sometime about CIA/Latin America.

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