Lonesome Jim, a film about hopelessness and despair, was filmed in our very own hometown of Goshen, Indiana. Can towns be type-cast?

Hopefully it comes to pdx so we can see if our friends who showed up as extras for the movie actually make it on to the big screen. I know Goshen General Hospital is in part of it.


7 responses to “Hometown

  1. is that liv tyler on the cover?

  2. Oh that Nate/Nathan. 🙂

    Where’s the Barbarossa come from?

  3. We got to see it at the Indy Film Fest last year. It was okay; I think it was drastically improved by the fact that we know Goshen. The Soda Shop, the hospital, Riki’s and Riki’s II all made it in as well as my old boss from the Checkerberry. Let me know what you think.

  4. two of my cousins were extras in a bar scene. i plan to spend hours pausing, rewinding, and playing in slow motion to feel famous and important.

    i heard liv tyler stayed at the checkerberry during filming. AWESOME.

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