Coming Up for Air

Nate worked every day for the last 3 weeks. Yes, that’s right. EVERY day. Sometimes 12 or more hours per day. The project that he has been working on since moving to Portland was in its final stages and he was struggling to get it finished.

And it is over. Friday was the deadline.

This weekend has been primarily R and R…and maybe a little RR (that’s relationship repair). There’s only room in this marriage for one stressy person. Usually that’s me, and Nate is calm and collected and talks me down from the bridges and makes me laugh. When I have to be the calm one…well, I’m not so good at that.j

We really did have fun together this weekend. We met a new friend named Abe…we’ll write more about him later. We watched The Constant Gardener (We highly recommend it. It has all that you want in a movie–a love story, mystery, and thriller. Rachel Wiesz was radiant in it. But possibly the biggest star was the beautiful country and people of Kenya). We did a little gardening and a little shopping and a little hiking and a little driving in the Gorge.

We’re almost ready for a new week to begin–hopefully much less stressful for Nate! And for me too.


One response to “Coming Up for Air

  1. congratulations! you made it through!–>

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