Ode to Bean-e-doo

The last two or three weeks have been spent in the basement…ick! We tore out the carpet, tile, ceilings, etc. and were left with black, sticky mastic all over the floor. Once again…ick!

Enter: Bean-ee-doo!

Oh Bean-ee-doo, you wonderful glop
we pour you on the floor
and then we stop
and let you soak into the nasty black goo
then we mop you up
and the floor’s clean, woo-hoo!

Ah well, the fumes must be going to my head (even though they are non-toxic and biodegradable).

More photos of the basement mess on flickr.


One response to “Ode to Bean-e-doo

  1. In looking at your pictures I can’t believe you took out the bar… Sad :(–>

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