Last weekend…

I’m a little behind on posting because I’ve been laid low by the flu this week, but I wanted to put a link in here so that our friends and family could see the beautiful Oregon Coast (C’n’C and S’n’J, can’t wait for you to come out this summer!)

Last weekend we went to the coast for 2 days with the puppies. Friday we drove out to Cannon Beach and then stayed overnight at this old fashioned motel that lets you keep your dogs in your room because basically the decor, though neat and clean, is indestructable and unchanged from the 40s. I’ve been to Cannon Beach about 5 times in the last year because it is a nice day trip from Portland and a good place to take family members who are visiting.

Saturday we explored further down the coast. It was fun to let the dogs run free on the beaches. We’re still a little paranoid about leaving them off-leash–Keegan because she runs so fast and is feisty with other dogs and Abe because we’re not sure how bonded he is with us yet. They both wore themselves out so the ride back to Portland was quiet.

We tried to do some whale watching but apparently no whales wanted to be watched.


4 responses to “Last weekend…

  1. Great pictures. Such a scenic coastline! Uncle Wil

  2. Yes, so scenic! Sometime I’d like to go down along the whole coastline!


  3. gorgeous picture!!!

    i LOVE cannon beach. it’s one of our favorite places to go (we always go on the fourth of july).

  4. That is such a peaceful, beautiful shot. I think it’s time for a coast trip–it’s been too long since I’ve been!

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