Reason #29 to live in Portland

Not only is Portland the “cleanest” city in the United States, it is also a literate city. I heard on NPR the other day that Portland has the highest number of library check-outs per capita of any city in the US. This is no surprise to us since we continue to marvel that there is a LINE formed outside of the library entrance down the street every Saturday morning as people wait for the library to open.

Possibly the love of books is linked to the overwhelming plentitude at Powell’s City of Books. What other city has a bookstore as a major tourist attraction?! This week I was privileged to hear my favorite author, Anne Lamott, do a reading! She was in town last fall for a reading but the room at Powells reached the limit for the fire code so they turned lots of us away.

This time Powell’s set Annie up at the Unitarian Church downtown and my friend Katie saved me a seat so I got to treasure every left-wing, irreverant, gregarious, Jesus-lovin’ word. It was a much-needed breath of air and laughter in the midst of a heavy week. Thank you, Annie, Jesus and Powells (not necessarily in that order).

2 responses to “Reason #29 to live in Portland

  1. i’m sorry i missed it! i LOVE her hair! can i borrow one of those books from you?

    reasons why people read in portland:
    ~AWESOME library system
    ~rain + coffee + good book = good day
    ~so many universities = lots of students
    mostly i think its the rain and the coffee that makes it so there isn’t much else to do but read and talk about what we’ve read. and write. and have other people read what we’ve written.

    ok, i’m finished blabbing.

  2. I love her hair too! Tabitha and Annie are the only 2 white women I know with dredlocks 🙂

    Tabs, of course you can borrow any of my Lamott books any time.

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