Article worth reading

“Joel, who describes himself as a “Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-lunatic farmer,” speaks of his farming as his “ministry,” and certainly his 1,000 or so regular customers hear plenty of preaching. Each spring he sends out a long, feisty, single-spaced letter that could convince even a fast-food junkie that buying a pastured broiler from Polyface Farm qualifies as an act of social, environmental, nutritional, and political redemption.

This article is an excerpt from The Omnivore’s Dilemna. Our friend Jason recommended it. We tried to find it in the bookstore last weekend but it was sold out in Portland. Reason #139 to love Portland–People take their food seriously!


3 responses to “Article worth reading

  1. i heard that guy talk about that book on NPR the other day. sounds pretty interesting. “organic” is a bit of a misnomer sometimes from what i understood.

  2. hey lady

    did i ask for an email with phone #? i can’t recall. I don’t even have y’all’s emails anymore 😦
    We’re going to begin to plan our trip. what weekends might work to visit ya’ll?

  3. I refer to Joel simply as “The famous chicken guy”.

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