Sunday in Portland

Today’s been a Nearly-Perfect Day.

–Slept in (due to Nyquil and the dogs not waking us up at 6 a.m.–yay!)
–Went to the 11 o’clock service. There was a baby dedication and then a pastor from Mexico spoke about church planting in the Morelo (?) and Chiapas states in Mexico.
–Drank Stumptown coffee and ate brunch at Grand Central Bakery.
–Went people watching at REI’s annual sale. We bought dog backpacks (oh, yes, we are definitely in the Crazy Dog People camp now!) but Abe’s was too big so we had to return it. I saw a great pair of sandals but the line was all the way down the aisle to the back of the store so I decided they weren’t worth the wait. The people watching was excellent though! All the hoighty-toighty people from the Pearl buying gear for their guided hike in Patagonia mixed in with smelly, dirty serious ‘packers who looked like they’d already summited Mt. Hood that morning and were just gearing up before they headed back into the wilds of eastern Oregon. Fun stuff.
–Took the dogs to the park. Abe went down the slide. I don’t think he liked it very much though–he was kind of flailing about all the way down 🙂
–Talked to my mom on the phone
–Answered emails
–Did a little paperwork to prep for next week
–In a little while I’m going downstairs to put on warmer socks, eat some left-over pizza and salad and watch t.v. while cuddled up with the dogs and the Wise and Bearded One.

I live a good life!


2 responses to “Sunday in Portland

  1. you sure do live a good life! and to top it all off, you saw your most favorite band of ever last night . . .

    you are one lucky lady!

  2. Apparently I’m in the Crazy Dog People camp too, since my dogs have Jandd dogpacks. It’s really nice for them to carry their own food when you take them hiking for a couple of days though.–>

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