Highlights from the Land of Corn

We’re both back in Stumptown now after our travelling in the Midwest. Here are a few highlights from the trip:

-Hanging out with Nate’s family including his 6 nieces and nephews that are growing up so fast. I thought that maybe Sharayah would have forgotten us since we haven’t seen her since she was 3 but she ran right up to me and said, “I didn’t forget you, Aunt Deb. I MISSED you.” That girl knows how to sneak in and grab a piece of your heart.

-Seeing things that we forgot we missed from the midwest: thunderstorms, fireflies, killdeer, and redwing blackbirds.

-Old friends (the best kind). We got to hang out with Sarah and Jeremiah in Indy. I got to spend a short, but sweet Saturday in Upland, Indiana with my 3 best friends from college. We even got to eat lunch at ‘hoes. I also had the privilege of visiting my oldest friend and childhood kindred spirit, Amy and her husband Dan in their great brownstone in Columbus.

-The 30-minute firepit. We were sitting around at Dave and Agne’s and all of a sudden the Miller brothers got an inspiration–they needed a fire pit and they needed it now. Within 30 minutes they had selected the proper spot, dug out the sod, hauled in more than enough rocks to to ring the pit, found firewood and started a cheery blaze.

-Opportunity to spend time with our grandparents. We realize that our times with them may be few as two of them decline into dementia. We are blessed to have loving, Christ-following grandparents.

-Time with Ryan & Kris & “Kalvy” & Glory. After Nate flew back to Portland to get back to work, “Auntie Deb” got to love on her two nieces in Ohio. Kalvary is at the talkative two-year old stage and is mostly a delight to be around. Glory is just a five-week-old baby. It’s hard to get hints of her personality at such a young age but she seems quieter and calmer than some babies I’ve known. She even cries gently.

Although it was hard to say goodbye to friends and family we are glad to be back home in Portland. Even though it’s been hot (by Portland standards) and some of our plants got fried while we were gone. Oh, and there were fireworks three nights in a row and Keegan is deathly afraid and shivers the whole time and sneaks in under our bed to sleep. AND I got some sort of nasty stomach flu that means I am living on a diet of Sprite, Saltines, and Kaopectate. Yum. But other than that, we are glad to be home.



4 responses to “Highlights from the Land of Corn

  1. We really loved having you here. Thanks for all the help and fun! I’m especially enjoying my clothes! Love ya.

  2. I loved being with you and Ryan and the girls. I am enjoying watching you become a mother. You’re good at it 🙂

  3. Nice to have you back in Portland–give us a call when you’re ready to go try the Korean BBQ at Toji’s on Hawthorne. (-:
    C & C

  4. Welcome back. Let me know when you are feeling better and we’ll go pick blueberries. They are GOOD this year.


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