Is anyone still out there trying to read this blog? Our apologies for taking a big break from blogging. The urge to blog is greatly lessened when one’s intended audience (family and friends far away) have actually been talked to In Person lately.

We were thrilled–thrilled! I tell you– to have our dear friends Sarah and Jeremiah and their son Nathaniel as well as our brotherfriend Chris and Chrissy visiting the last week. We had such a fabulous time! We gave them a taste of the best of Oregon. We spent a couple of days at the coast in a cabin at Oceanside, one of our favorite little off-the-beaten-path villages hugging the cliffs. The guys went crabbing and caught five luscious and sweet Dungeness crabs that made for The Best Crabcakes Ever. We hiked along the beaches and the cliffs, we got our eyes and ears full of sand, we collected round rocks, we took lots of pictures, and we relaxed in the hammock on the porch.

When we came back to Portland it was hot hot hot. We felt like we should apologize for our city’s unruly behavior to our Indiana guests. But instead, we took them hiking in the Columbia River Gorge to Horsetail and Ponytail Falls. We also drove all the way around Mt. Hood and stopped at Timberline Lodge so we could gaze longingly at the snow. It was blitzin’ hot even on Mt. Hood.

Sarah and Jeremiah headed back to Indiana on Sunday but Chris and Chrissy stayed around a couple of more days to sample the sites and flavors of Portland. We took them to some of our favorite Portland haunts–the Rose Garden, Pioneer Square, Crema, Vindalho, etc. We all had a great time! Now Nate and I are going to have to go on a diet and exercise plan to work off all the fantastic food we consumed in the last week. Ah well, a little gardening and a few long walks with the dogs are just what I need.

So, long-suffering reader, that’s what we’ve been doing. Now, get off that computer and go do something fun!

P.S. More photos on Flick’r
P.P.S. Oh, and pics from our Indiana trip are now here

One response to “Helloooo!???

  1. Helloooo! I’ve been watching for an update on what’s been going on! So glad you had a good time with family and friends. Enjoyed the pics.

    Love ya,

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