Ways to Tire your Dogs

We’re still trying out new ways to tire our dogs each day because we believe a well-exercised dog is a happy dog. And well-exercised dog owners are happier too 🙂

Here’s the latest gadget that we’ve purchased: the Walkydog.

We don’t have pictures of our dogs biking with us yet because it’s pretty dog-gone difficult to carry a camera while riding a bike with your dog attached. Both of our dogs seems to like it so far. Abe settles into a comfortable lope pretty easily. Keegan seems to think it is her job to PULL the bike. Last night, the Wise and Bearded One was going 17 mph without pedalling because she was pulling so hard. We’re going to have to find her old harness because she’s choking herself on her regular collar and the Gentle Leader.

P.S. Yes, as Stacey reminded us last night, we have crossed the line into Crazy Dog People territory.


One response to “Ways to Tire your Dogs

  1. Indeed, and lor’ knows I don’t understand CDP people, but you two are my favorite CDPs…

    Deb, once I get my list of travel abroad programs for teachers compiled I’ll be sending a copy your way.

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